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Hello my name is Mark. I have been teaching English in Academies and online since 2013. I'm a native speaker from Durham, UK and specialise in students from intermediate to advanced level (but enjoy teaching adults at ALL levels) who can already communicate in English and who want to improve their CONFIDENCE and FLUENCY. I enjoy the English language and use a variety of software to assist with our lessons. As a language learner, I understand the challenges and rewards of learning a new language. My aim is to provide you with a supportive and professional online learning experience with a sense of fun and relevance in which YOU can enjoy improving and gaining in confidence. Do you want to improve your confidence and fluency? What are you waiting for? Let's meet and make a Learn-ing Plan together. LEARNING PLAN Once you schedule your lesson, I will send you a placement test so that I can determine your level of English before we meet. Do NOT be scared about this! :) During our trial lesson we will talk about your objectives and areas that you need to improve. The trial lesson will be a valuable experience for you because you will know the areas that you need to build on. We will then make your Learning Plan and talk about how you can use it every day to reach your goals. After each lesson I will send you a review of the lesson and homework for you to complete. First Class -FREE- 20 Euros/50 minutes General Business, interview, presentation Exam (FCE/IELTS) Conversation Science Medicine


Hi, there! My name is Erica. I am a qualified Spanish teacher and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching Spanish since 2006 and have loved helping my students to improve their language skills, loose their fear to speak and pass the DELE exams. I went to UAB and earned a degree in Journalism in 2007. Then I went to UB and earned a degree in Linguistics in 2009. I eventually went to UAH and earned a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish (ELE) in 2012. I'm an open, patient and professional person and my teaching style is communicative, fun and eclectic. I am currently offering only ONLINE (Skype) tuition: FREE 20min TRIAL LESSON CONVERSATIONAL LESSONS: 15€/hour 100% conversational practice with a native, qualified and experienced teacher. A wide range of topics are used and a variety of resources are shared with you such us images, videos, real conversations/audios, ads, articles and more. *You are also welcome to give me a list of topics that you want to talk about. LEVEL: Intermediate and Advanced students WHAT BENEFITS WILL YOU GET: *accent reduction /pronunciation improvement *vocabulary building *fluency *confidence * speaking and listening skills HOW THE LESSON WILL BE STRUCTURED 50 min talking + 10min FEEDBACK FEEDBACK includes: *grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation mistakes and their correction *better expressions/vocabulary to sound more native/natural *specific exercises to improve the mistakes GENERAL SPANISH LESSONS: 20€/hour 100% complete general Spanish lessons with a native, qualified and experienced teacher. ALL LEVELS (from Beginners to Advanced students). MY TUITION INCLUDES: *A full Program according to your level following Plan Curricular Instituto Cervantes and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages guidelines. *Lessons professionally organized and based on all types of real world’s texts and resources such as videos, images, audios, grammar explanations, vocabulary and LOTS OF interesting exercises and role plays to practice and talk with. * Power Points with ALL the RESOURCES mentioned above are SENT to the student so that you can review everything at any time :) *4 skills guaranteed (writing, listening, reading, speaking) Would you like to know me a bit more? Check my FB Page (Sipping Spanish), where moren than 65.000 students are already learning and practicing their Spanish online with me. Thank you! Stay Wild, Erica


Saludos! Soy una profesora de California con experiencia en la enseñanza aqui y otros paises. Tengo un titulo en economía. Primero, perdon mi espanol. Siempre voy a hablar y explicar con claridad. Instruyo a todos los niveles: principiante, intermedio, y avanzado por todas las edades. Mi atención se centra en la comunicación cotidiana efectiva y desarrollo. Hablaremos tendencias, noticias, y de sus intereses. Te entreno en la pronunciacion clara. Voy a corregir todos los errors. Su vocabulario y expresiones crecerán. Discutiremos negocios and ingles de viajeros. Tengo muchos materiales: juegos, libros y deberes. Hablo un poco de español pero voy a hacer que usted habla inglés mucho. Te reirás durante la clase pero será un reto. Listo? Mis precios... 20€ /hr 25/1.5 hr 30/ 2 hours juntos Si está interesado por favor incluya su nivel, el horario deseado, y de metro más cercana. _______ Greetings! I'm an American female with teaching experience here and other countries. I hold a degree in economics. First, I will always speak and explain lessons clearly. I instruct all levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced age 5 to 105. My focus is on effective everyday communication and development. We'll talk about trends, the news, and your interests. I'll coach you on clear pronunciation. I'll correct all mistakes. Your vocabulary and expressions will grow. We’ll discuss business and travel English. I’ve lots of material: games, books, and homework. I speak some Spanish, but I'll make you speak English a lot! You'll laugh in class, but it'll be challenging. Ready? My prices... 20€ /hr 25€/ 1.5 hr 30€/2 hours together If interested, please include your level, desired schedule, and nearest metro. Ciao


We are looking for a native English teacher, with immediate availability to teach classes in the evenings. The position includes two phases: Phase 1) Part-Time Position and a free TEFL training program. To start as soon as possible. Phase 2) Full-Time Position (or Part-Time if the teachers prefers ). April 9th 2018. About ALA: American Language Academy (ALA) is a well-established private language school located in the heart of Madrid. Its reputation for excellence spans over more than four decades. ALA provides teachers with an extensive Teacher Development Program. Several teachers who passed through this development program and have taught at ALA for several years have gone on to work for prestigious Spanish universities or hold high positions in the education sector in Spain. About the classes: Most of our students are adult professionals. Class sizes are small and all materials are provided to the teacher. There is a huge teacher resource library including a wide array of photocopiable materials and an online learning platform, video and audio resources as well as internet access for teachers to use. The Direction of Studies offers extensive teacher support Level of Qualifications required: - TEFL/TESOL/CELTA (if not, we offer an intensive TEFL course) - 1 year teaching experience (new teacher positions will be equally considered for entry positions) - Bachelor's Degree (or currently enrolled in a university) Salary from: 1200 – 1350 € (Average full-time 26.5 hours/week) Benefits: - Free Spanish classes for teachers. - Teacher Training & Development Program, run by the Direction of Studies at ALA and consists of peer observations, mock classes, lesson and objective planning, resource and materials orientation and training workshops. Know more about our Training & Development program here: VISA REQUIREMENTS (different options): A. EU Citizens B. Non-EU citizens with fully valid work permit for Spain C. Non-EU citizens holding a 1-year student visa D. Canadian or Australian citizens holding a working holiday visa under the Youth Mobility program (we can help you get this visa) E. Non-EU citizens living for at least three years in Spain on a student visa (we can help you convert it into a work visa) For more information please send your résumé to or fill out the application form at:


Expandi Group is the global leading B2B marketing agency serving 40% of the top 20 B2B Brands across more than 100 markets. B2B Marketing, the number one, go-to resource for marketers in B2B across the globe ranked Expandi as # 3 Global B2B Agency - all revenues, including B2C - and # 1 Global B2B Agency - based on B2B revenues only in 2016. We operate through 20 offices located in 4 continents and employs more than 450 staff in marketing and operations. Our mission is to grow our clients business by building data driven, performance led and sales oriented marketing programs. In particular, we are the global leaders in demand generation, channel marketing and co-marketing programs. Let us know how we can partner with you and help you overachieve your objectives! The main purpose of the job is to: -Generate quality telephone communications by engaging prospects and detecting business opportunities -Provide effective outbound phone calls to the prospects of Expandi Group in UK -Process and update the database and complete CRM with relevant profiling -Generate qualified leads by scheduling appointments for sales staff to meet prospective customers -Support the sales process of British customers -Provide accurate and punctual reporting Skills and knowledge -Experience in B2B Marketing -Excellent communication skills -English native speaker -Speaks clearly and effectively to customers -Great listening and closing skills -Well-mannered and proactive attitude -Strong organizational skills -Ability to maintain composure during stressful situations. -University level of communication or degree -One year of prior pre-sales experience preferred Sector Services and information technology Job type Full time Field of work Marketing Salary 18.500€ to 24.000€ + Bonus


(Free event: please RSVP in • What we will be doing After our successful launching last month, we have decided to create a Mastermind group for digital nomads at Plázida and meet on a regular basis. We have also decided that we should make the most of our time and get something of value in these meetings without losing the collaborative spirit of the Mastermind group. From now on, in each session, a person from the group will lead the discussion on something he/she is an expert at. This session will be led by Benne Holwerda and the subject will be: ´Create your business roadmap - the 5 Ws for building your business´ We will also be talking about how we are going to use the knowledge gained in this Mastermind session and give ourselves a deadline to do so. And be accountable at the next meeting. At the end, someone from the group will volunteer to lead the next session. In this way we will all participate and learn from each other. We will be offering a snack and we will show you around our fabulous premises, if you have not seen them yet. • What you have to bring with you A high level of motivation and a will to ask for help and support and also give your best to the group. • Important information Never forget the spirit of a Mastermind group set up by his founder: "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."


Hi. I am Ella. I am a resaercher from univeridad Autonoma de Madrid and I am working on bilingualism in Spain. I devoted three years of my life for improving bilingual education in Spain. Now in practical phase, I am looking for some students of the sixth grade and 12 years old who are studying at bilingual or international schools in Madrid.The invesitigation is about cognitive functioning of the students who are studying in a bilingual system. It is an important study and I would really appreciate to help me with this as the result is critical for the future of Spanish kids. The participants witll receive a gift card of 20 euros from Fnac or el corte engles. Please contact me if you have a student of 12 years who would like to partcipate or send this message to someone who can help. my contact information: tel: 653180869 Hola. Yo soy Ella. Soy un resaercher de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y estoy trabajando en el bilingüismo en España. Dediqué tres años de mi vida para mejorar la educación bilingüe en España. Ahora, en la fase práctica, busco estudiantes de sexto y 12 años que estudien en escuelas bilingües o internacionales en Madrid. La investigación se refiere al funcionamiento cognitivo de los estudiantes que estudian en un sistema bilingüe. Es un estudio importante y realmente agradecería ayudarme con esto, ya que el resultado es fundamental para el futuro de los niños españoles. Los participantes recibirán una tarjeta de regalo de Fnac o el corte engles de 20 euros. Contácteme si tiene un alumno de 12 años a quien le gustaría participar o enviar este mensaje a alguien que pueda ayudarlo.


Agencia Reinicia busca una persona para cubrir un puesto en prácticas dentro de uno de sus proyectos llamado Mad4Madrid. Se trata de una web íntegramente escrita en inglés y dirigida al público extranjero que visita Madrid, a quienes ofrece toda la oferta de ocio y cultura de la capital. Buscamos una persona activa, a la que le encante moverse por la ciudad y apasionado del ocio cultural, la música, la gastronomía, el arte, etc. Por supuesto, debe tener inglés nativo o nivel C2 (si es bilingüe en español e inglés, mejor aún) y conocimiento de redacción web. Aprenderá el uso de herramientas de email marketing, estrategia, manejo de redes sociales a nivel profesional, conocimientos sobre SEO, etc. -Duración de las prácticas: 3 meses (con posibilidad de prolongarlo otro 3 más). -Horario: de 9 a 14h., de lunes a viernes. -Salario: 150€/mes con alta en la Seguridad Social. Es imprescindible poder hacer un convenio de prácticas con una universidad o centro de estudios, de modo que, si no cursan estudios, deben abstenerse. Habilidades: -Idiomas: Ingles nativo, bilingüe o nivel C2. ¡Imprescindible! - Estudios relacionados con el periodismo, la comunicación, el marketing, filologías, turismo o áreas relacionadas con la temática de la web. Capacidad de redacción de. textos para web. Se valorará muy positivamente aquellos candidatos que tengan su propio blog (de cualquier tema) o hayan participado/colaborado en algún medio o blog. -Se valoran conocimientos en email marketing, SEO o redes sociales. ESCRÍBENOS A con asunto "INTERNSHIP + TU NOMBRE". ¡Gracias!


Hola a todos! Do you want to stay in Spain but transition from your student visa to a work visa and start making your time here count towards residency? Don't know where to begin? I can help! I successfully modified my student visa to trabajador por cuenta propia and registered as an autónoma in November 2017. I now work as a freelance translator and copywriter for clients in Spain. It was a long process to complete but I had past experience with Spanish bureaucracy so I persevered. I'm by no means a lawyer but I am experienced in this visa process. I have extensive experience with living in different parts of Spain (not just Madrid) as a non-EU citizen (3+ years) and I want to offer my expertise to the community. If you'd like to call upon my help and meet with me, I can give you an overview of my experience, compile a list of the documents and photocopies you will need to gather for the application, give you expert tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do when it comes to this application and give you advice on how to write your business plan. I have degrees in Econmics (Bachelor of Business Admin) and Spanish and I've worked in the marketing field. I am nearly bilingual in both Spanish and English so if you prefer to discuss all of this in Spanish, we can do that. Ya me dirás. :-) Rate: €25/hour. We can meet in a café or I can come meet you in your apartment (preferably within Zona A). This visa process can be stressful and complicated but I would love to help eliminate some of the pressure for you with my expertise and advice! Thank you for reading this post and we'll be in touch! Saludos, Sarah

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