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JOIN US for a special outdoor version of THE PLAYGROUND to celebrate our 1st season! HOW WE ROLL: PLAYTime.............. : 1pm WHERE..................: Retiro Park (next to the Crystal Palace) WHAT TO BRING...: Food/Drinks to Share (potluck) and a blanket/towel to sit on WHAT TO WEAR...: PLAY Clothes (clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and wet) WHO CAN COME...: ANYONE (Bring Your Children and/or Your Mom) FEE.........................: Smiles and Hugs (Free) WHAT TO EXPECT: *Active Games: Think tug of war, water fights, relay races, etc… *Prizes: We have a variety of prizes and sponsored gifts to be won! *Lotsa Laughs, Lotsa Fun, and Lotsa Love, as always! Come Play, Share, Eat, Laugh, Win, and Celebrate with us! We’re looking forward to creating a spectacular day with you! About THE PLAYGROUND: At The Playground, we create a unique experience for grown-ups to take a break from “adulting,” and have the opportunity to build new friendships while laughing their hearts out in pure JOY, like when we were kids! The concept of The Playground was developed to provide a culturally diverse audience of young professionals seeking entertainment with a new outlet for having FUN, networking, and building meaningful relationships. We attract guests who vary in age, ethnicity, profession, and interests…but who all share the same goal… Thoroughly Enjoying Ourselves. About LET'S GO, ¡ÁNIMO! Let´s Go, ¡Ánimo! is an inspirational company whose primary goal is to enrich the lives of our community. We provide alternatives to everyday experiences in order to tap into unsuspected potential.