Sessions for professionals, Skype, Zoom
Hello, I am from New York, living and teaching in Madrid  for over 14 years  in this great city. My background is over 25 years of corporate experience in IT sector.
For Professionals from Lower Intermediate to Advanced. Preparation for the job interview. English Language is not an obligation, but rather a necessity for the present and the future. Especially with current competitive job market, many employers demand high level of English up to C1 Level these days. Are you ready for job interview? Business and general English sessions at city center or other places, within zone A only. Business communication-General English. Improve your interaction /communication skills. All topics like business, economy, general, and much more . All  Materials will be provided, however, you are required to have laptop or tablet.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Skype-Phone and other applications .
Friday or Saturday mornings, I am also available for those who have free time in the morning.