Couple looking for an apartment/studio/room
Hi everyone, my name is Samantha. I moved to Madrid yesterday with my husband, Henrique. He'll start working next week in Alcobendas at the same company where he has been employed for the past 8 years, but now in the Spanish branch. 

The move is a significant challenge, but it's also something we're proud of because my husband has Spanish ancestry. We're seeking citizenship and want to explore the origins of our Spanish family. But every challenge starts from the same place... finding a place to live.

We're looking for a place to live—whether it's a studio, apartment, or even a room, we're open to new suggestions. Our budget is up to 900 euros per month, and we also need a contract to facilitate our empadronamiento. Ideally, we would love a place located near the metro.

We have no children or pets, we are responsible and organized, and while Henrique works, I will be taking Spanish courses. If needed, we have a recommendation letter from the company, and we are also willing to pay one month's deposit.

Un saludo,