several job offers in madrid
In English Please is looking for teachers for these various jobs. 

Please send your CV + the job offer that interests you to: jobs@inenglishplease.es

CA - Calle Torrecilla del Leal 

I have an adult student here who would like conversation classes. Their goal is to be able to speak better, speak more and understand more. He is interested in learning to understand accents too. 

The student has said that they like to be corrected and that there is an emphasis on good pronunciation. 


As with all classes, they mst be dynamic.


They have suggested monday and wednesday 1600 for 1,5 hours each session. Or they can do Monday and wednesday 1600-1900.

Clases are 3 hours a week. 

We'd like to know your Christmas plans too, so we can plan around them. The student will be present and available in Madrid. 

Calle Torrecilla del Leal, Metro Anton Martin, centre

Please let me know your rate.

RA delicias/palos de la frontera, help with school 


Class is monday or wednesday from 1715 to 1845


So one class a week, 1,5 hours a week. 

They are not flexible with time or day. 


It takes place by Metro palos de la frontera / delicias, calle Batalla del Salado

Class is to help a child with English school work but mainly for practicing speaking. 


Please let me know your rate and which day you would do. 


MA - OMEGA 609

This is a little different in terms of class and you will have to see it with the mother in the moment. I've spoken about how this request may be complicated. 


MA wants class with her child of 19months, essentially class will be a mix of play, conversation and an English environment while she is present and she would also like to take the classes. 

I am not wholly certain how this particular request will work out, I've expressed my concerns but I also said that I am sure a teacher of ours can make it work. 


Class will be Tuesday 1700-1830.
Or, Monday, 1730-1900

 If you have a different timetable request, let me know, she is open to chatting about it. 

She is also interested in purchasing 24 hours, which means a substantial guarentee for the teacher in terms of work. 


Class takes place at Calle OMEGA, metro vicalvaro 


Class could be 22€ the hour.