NaturEnglish is looking for a native English ski Instructor/Monitor to join our winter season team.  We are looking for people with an amazing attitude, love for nature, experience teaching or coaching children of different ages, and with an average level of skiing and/or snowboarding.

The Ski camp will be In Cerler and Panticosa 1st camp from the 12th to the 16th of December and the second camp from the 18th to the 22nd of December. Transportation from Madrid to Ski stations, accommodations, and all meals are provided, also the ski pass for the days of the camp. 

Job Description

The Ski Monitor will be in charge of around 10 skiing and/or snowboarding children of all ability levels.
 The monitor will also be in charge of indoor activities in the hotel with a group of kids. The activities can be English games, sports activities, and nighttime activities. Have control of the group during breakfast(at the hotel), lunch (at the slopes), and dinner (at the hotel).

Essential Job Functions
-Work together with a team of monitors to organize students according to individual goals and abilities
-Continue to practice the skiing/snowboarding techniques with the assigned group of kids, and be aware of all the members of your group at all times.
-Provides exceptional service while maintaining safety as a priority at all times
-Carry out activities other than skiing with the group of kids assigned. these activities will be provided by the camp coordinator.
- Control the common group times like meals, shower time, and bedtime. 
- Maintain safe, functional personal equipment, and professional personal appearance, and be punctual, and prepared for daily weather conditions.
- Must have the ability to interact at any time with clients and other employees in a pleasant manner and maintain good working relationships with everyone.


Must be 18 years of age
Experience working with children -preferred
High School Diploma or equivalent -preferred
Level 1 PSIA Certification -preferred
Ability to ski/snowboard -REQUIRED
Previous experience with teaching/coaching/mentoring -  preferred.
Must be fluent in all aspects of the English language (spoken and written)- required.
Must have excellent client service skills- required.
Must have excellent communication skills- required.
Must work well on a team- required.
Driver's license - preferred.

Please send your CV to monitors@naturenglish.com