50 years old
Hello, I am 50 years old, I am single gay, without children and I am out, no double life. I am looking for a single native gay man like me for a serious relationship, starting with friendship and if all goes wll, everything can happen, but somone SERIOUS and mature in mind. I offer Spanish for English or French. I am looking for a clear mind, who is not superficial or frivolous, rather lonely or who feels alone, different, with cultural interests such as: music, reading, cinema, comics, culture etc. I like to go for walks, animals, especially cats, tranquility, medicine, and talk about various topics. I am someone familiar, homelike, respectful. I am not into gayscene or the typical stereotypes. For me, live chatting is fundamental, I am not one to spend my life sending emails or messages all the time, because I think that people meet through conversation, interacting, asking questions, responding, emotions, feelings, etc. It doesn't make you feel just like virtuality. Therefore, I bet on the face-to-face meeting or, failing that, if you live far away, skype and whass. Also open to have a lesbian or trans as a friend. Please if someone is interested live mail or whass  in order to keep in touch and meet each other in person. I donĀ“t like virtuality. Thanks.