I look for an english teacher for my 2 children
I look for a teacher to take care of my 2 children while they learn and start talking English in a natural and fun way. They are 8 and 6 years old. 
I would like you to pick them up at school (at 16:50) and bring them home to help them with their homework and take care of them. You can go and return to school by walking from our place.
I would count on 2 hours per day (from 16:45 to 18:45) 3 days a week (from Tuesday to Thursday).
I am not looking for a "formal class" as I don't want them to understand this time with you as a formal class after spending 8 hours at school. I would like them to feel that you are taking care of them in the afternoons and playing with them (maybe doing some crafts) while you talk to them in english so that they get used to that and hopefully start to talk english little by little.
While we would like you to talk to them in english we also understand that their level is not good enough, therefore we would like someone that understands spanish so that you are able to understand them.
We would like someone that enjoy time with children and that knows how to teach. 
Also it is important for us that you can commit from now till the end of the school year (end of June)
Thank you in advance for your interest
Best Regards