Your English for a free trip in August 21
Hi! I have some free days left before I must go back to work, and my friends can´t go on a trip, so I would gladly share my time with someone who is a native english speaker and wants to travel somewhere in Spain.

I´m willing to pay for the gas (I would drive my car) and the hosting (not luxury)... In exchange I just want to speak in english and have a nice fun time going somewhere in the paeninsula. People older than 22 and younger than 42. We could meet in Madrid asap and see if we get along and decide where we´d go. I´d like to leave in the next few days (august 20th or 21st) as I must be back at work in the last days of august. 

If you think it could be fun, just send me an email and tell me about you (age, education, interests, where and how you´d like to travel...). Don´t put it off for very long... summer is ending soon! ;)

my email is: eltiempovuela@hotmail.es

¡hasta pronto!