hi! I´m willing to pay for the gas and hosting expenses in a trip this summer in exchange for speaking in English.

I´m a boy from Madrid, looking for someone under 40 and over 22 years old to travel with some days this summer speaking in english. Maybe I could help you with your spanish sometime if you need to. A week  would be fine. We can go to the beach, countryside, artistic or musical tourism... Anywhere, always involving food and wine! 

Of course, we´d have to meet or talk for a while first, to check if we get along enough to spend more days together during the trip, and to decide where to go and when. We can use my own car, and I´d pay for the gas expenses and hotels/apartments. Nothing too shabby, but neither too poshy or expensive. You´d pay your drinks and food. I´d rather find somebody open from the USA or UK, who likes arts, music, creativity and not tight (can improvise). 

If you are interested drop me an email telling me about you and what you think about the offer. Please, include any social network profile where I can know you better and verify who you are (Instagram, Facebook, a blog, LinkedIn...). Thanks for reading... and happy summer!