Experienced EFL Teacher/Language Assistant
Ok so the sun may be gone but I am still smiling.

As a British Native who has worked and lived in Madrid on and off for four years I am now seeking a new role between (20-30 hours) with block hours or as a EFL Teacher one of those (24, 26, 28 hour) teachers that does their hours and leaves.

I am extremely quirky and creative and very familiar with working with ESOº1-4 and currently still continuing at my current school but due to moving location and the co-vid situation looking for a change of a school and location.

I bring a funny engaging personality and a lot of live to my classes, I have done so many projects from designing theme parks, debates, making sit coms and love to hear the students clap when I come in.

I have many examples of work i´ve done I can show you, and would like to start somewhere that has the option of videoclasses if the place shuts down again.

Thanks so much, nessage me on WhatsApp or send me an email.