English teacher e-learning for kids & teens
Are you a teacher that:
loves helping kids and teens grow?
adds value and creativity to classes?
wants to grow in an educational project? cares for multiculturalism and the environment? likes flexibility and challenges? enjoys interacting using technology? ideas to innovate?
In CP Since we believe that learning  is a lifetime process, we foster creativity, team work and self-awareness.
How do we do this? Using technology as an asset for both teachers and students interaction. So want to build a community of teachers and students that want to grow while we all help each other. No matter the culture, language or gender. 
You'll use a range online materials, plus a variety of audiovisual aids, to encourage students to communicate with each other using the structures and vocabulary they've learnt and to improve the four basic language skills of listening, speaking and reading. A strong emphasis is placed on dialogue and role-playing, but more formal exercises, language games and literature are also used.  Classes are usually taught in English, even with beginners.
How can you be part of Capitán Pomelo? Capitán Pomelo's crew  must be qualified in English as a first language or have proven record of living and working abroad  as teacher of English as a second language.
English Teacher Responsibilities:
Teach basic English skills focusing on speaking and functional language. 
Follow lesson plans adapting them to students' pace in order to successfully incorporate the full duration of each lesson.
Execute lessons efficiently using different resources that could add to the learning process such as games, crafts, challenges and so on.
Engage students to ensure a lively classroom atmosphere.
Raise awareness about multiculturalism, languages and environment based on the material and objectives for the session.
Show students to think critically when studying literature or being part of a project.
Show students to analyze and question media reports, advertisements, and news reports.
English Teacher Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in English and Education. Computer Skills. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a teaching role. Must be a First language English speaker or have a proven record of teaching English as a second language abroad. The ability to follow lesson plans efficiently and write reports on students' progress. The ability to execute lessons with eaning, in a fun, and engaging manner.