Fly with me through learning Chinese
Hi, I’m Cherry! Born and raised in Hong Kong, China, and now I am residing in Madrid with my Spanish husband. I have several years of experience teaching school children and adults in private class. 

Ever since I was a secondary student, my interest in languages has been cultivated with the completion of Bachelor Degree in Communication and Language Studies, and Master Degree in Translation and Interpretation. Recently, I have also attained level B2 to my intensive Spanish course. 

I can speak …
Native: Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin) 
C2: English
B2: Spanish

I live around …
Barrio del Pilar / Peñagrande 

Why should you learn with me? 
-	If you need to find a Chinese teacher that understands your challenges as a language learner
-	If you desire to learn to speak, read and write Chinese
-	If you would like to travel around China later
-	If you want to have a deeper understanding of the Chinese cultures
-	If you have to prepare for an examination
-	If you strive to communicate better with the Chinese speakers at work 
-	If you wish to achieve a higher level of Chinese 

Areas of Learning
Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Development
Writing Development
Listening Comprehension 
Phonetics, Speaking Practice
Business Language 
Grammar Development, Examination Preparation, Interview Preparation

-	The class is customized according to your goal and level
-	Hourly rate: Depending on your needs