Vaughan Systems is recruiting English, French, Euskera, German, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese teachers for a special project in ALICANTE, BARCELONA, BILBAO, BURGOS, CACERES, CADIZ, CASTELLÓN, GUIPUZCOA, LA CORUÑA, LAS PALMAS, MADRID, MURCIA, OURENSE, SALAMANCA, SEVILLA, TENERIFE, TOLEDO, VALENCIA, VALLADOLID & ZARAGOZA.
The project is due to begin in early January.  The classes are a mix of face to face, telephone classes and video conference classes.  The rate is between 19 and 22 euros (gross) per hour depending on the location and if the teacher has a full schedule or just a few hours here or there.  If you are interested in learning more, send an email to workforus@grupovaughan.com or apply through the website: https://grupovaughan.com/teaching-english-spain/apply-here/