Are you looking to make some changes?
Hola Todos! 

Are you interested in creating positive change for yourself? Are there any areas of your life where you would like to gain progress? Are you interested in learning more about yourself, your passions, and desires? If so, perfect! This class is for you. I am person very interested in self motivation and personal development. I am passionate about helping people learn more about who they are and create positive profound change in their lives. I teach classes where my students and I investigate different aspects of ourselves in an attempt to improve how we live and feel. Self-awareness, positivity, gratitude, goal setting, effective planning, and mindfulness are just a few of the topics we cover in our classes. As a person committed to actively creating my reality and helping others, I am willing to address any subject relating to developing the self and cultivating happiness. If you currently find yourself wanting to make some positive or meaning change in your life. Or maybe you want to discover your passions and creativity. Possibly, you are just curious and want to learn more about yourself. For whatever the reason, I encourage you to contact me.

My goal is to create a fun, positive, motivating, and supportive environment where we discuss things that truly matter to them. As I am not Jesus or Buddha, my role is only to motivate, support and provide people with the information that can help them.