Drama teachers for children
As an actor and drama facilitator you will part of a core team of 4 actors a group of students over three school terms, following the InterActing Academy programme and using your own skills and initiative when it comes to preparing sessions. 
In the final term the students will perform an abridged musical to the school and their parents, which will showcase the work you have done over the year.  

You will direct this production with the support of the InterActing team and are expected to enlist the students’ help with all technical aspects.


 To lead theatre sessions of one hour twice a week with a group size of approximately 14 students.  There are 10 weeks per trimester with each group and from the second term onwards you will begin to look towards the final production.

You are responsible for the preparation of each session, complying to the set ITA course programme of games, activities and exercises – with which you must be confident and comfortable leading.  If there are materials or resources needed you should communicate this to the ITA director with advance notice.

Responsible for ensuring every student is collected by a responsible adult after the session.  If a parent does not arrive the teacher must contact their parents.

Write a short report after each session including activities completed, progress report and any significant behaviour notes