Reiki healing and coaching sessions
I offer Reiki healing sessions and coaching sessions. My background is in Psychology: a Master's degree. Influenced by the studies, own personal experiences the same as working ones, I have decided for a different approach to healing. I have received almost 40 different energy healing attunements since 2015. This I consider one of the reasons why my healing is stronger and felt even by clients who did not feel anything with previous healers. I offer 100 % money–back guarantee. If you didn't feel anything during the session itself nor during the following week, you are eligible to ask for money return. The healing takes place at a studio in the city center. Reiki session can be accompanied by a coaching session or you can opt for a coaching session only. The purpose of coaching session is to guide you on your path of personal development and become the best possible version of yourself, to set you goals and get through what keeps you back.