51 years old
Skype or In-Person Classes
I am originally from Washington, DC in the United States. I moved to Madrid two years ago and have been very happy! After teaching in the schools here, I have realized that many students know a lot of vocabulary and grammar – they simply need practice speaking!

Do you want to learn English for work? For travel? For fun? To understand television and movies in VO? I can help!

In addition to teaching online and in-person classes, I offer editing and proofreading services. Having worked as the president of a chamber of commerce, I am very comfortable in business settings and can guide companies through English speaking conferences and meetings. I can also prepare them for English speaking networking. I have helped students prepare for job interviews, write English resumes, compose speeches in English, and edit conference material.

Many of my students have converted to Skype or are taking some classes in person and some online. Why? With Skype, there is no travel time. No money spent on transportation. We still see each other face-to-face, can share messages, videos, and internet sites. Are you still nervous? Try one class to see if you like it!