Top Shelf Fitness Workshop Series: Core Secrets
If you've ever wondered what it means when fitness instructors tell you to engage your 'core' or why it's so important, then this is the workshop for you!

We will be breaking down what the core is and why you should be strengthening it, as well as offering effective (and simple) exercises to help build an almighty core and super-strong butt. 

Join us for lots of information, an invigorating workout and stretch session, and some fantastic goodies from local vendors.

We are limiting attendance for this and all workshops in the series to ensure that we can give everyone the best experience possible. For this reason, we encourage you to buy your tickets in advance. 

Ticket pricing:

20€ Pre-sale
25€ Day-of


To purchase tickets, contact us through this page or through facebook.com/f2dfitness or facebook.com/artiofit.