Classic British Games Hire.
We have a huge selection of good quality British games for you to hire for use in fun, innovative and entertaining teaching practice.  They are stylish, board, table top, outside, electronic and card games all for hire to use in your lessons. 
Students of all ages love them! 

Over 40 games from ‘Snap’ or ‘Snakes and Ladders’ to ‘Family Fortunes’ or ‘Scattergories’, analogue  and digital games, card games, games for interaction, games designed to elicit and games to engage groups.
As you can see all Games are in original boxes, imported from UK and in excellent condition. 
They are authentic British family Games. Rental is cheap, per week but a returnable deposit of 20 euros is required.

Games can be collected from near: Hospital 12 de Octubre. 
Full explanation comes with all games, plus established working ideas of how to use them in academies, classrooms and private teaching in homes. 
We have games for younger children, teenagers and adults.  
All games come with clear & easy to use instructions & batteries included.
Please contact for full list of available British board games.

Mike Lamb
Whatsapp:  653093798 for a brochure.