36 years old
Professional English for dedicated professionals
This intensive English course is for dedicated professionals who meet the following requirements:

| Minimum B1 spoken English level (complementary level evaluation available)
| Maximum dedication and commitment to attend every class & complete every homework
| Genuine desire to improve

and understand the following:

| Simply attending a class is not enough, you need to apply yourself 110%
| I can only keep my promise of improvement to you if you keep your promise to de what is required
| You will never improve enough unless you take action now

You will learn to understand, work with, and master:

| Over 400 words and expressions that are key for business and negotiation.
| All the verb tenses.
| Key effective communication techniques
| How you learn best and how to continue learning beyond the classroom.

You will exponentially:

| Improve your active listening & comprehension skills.
| Speed up your effective processing and response time.
| Increase your grammatical accuracy.
| Grow your linguistic intuition and agility (I'll explain this one when we speak).

You can expect to very quickly:

| Perform much more successfully in meetings & negotiations through heightened understanding, confidence, and response time.
| Be much more confident in your English and in your communication skills.
| Perform to the highest level possible and be interrupted much less during conference calls.
| Authoritatively and calmly manage the Q&A section of your presentations.
|  Finally enjoy some definitive progress after being stagnant (estancado) with your level.

Important information you should know:

| This course is INCREDIBLY STRUCTURED and 100% SPOKEN and you will INTERACT at ALL TIMES.
| This course is described by students as one of the most intense language activities they've ever done.
| This course is not cheap and is not designed for people who think they can just buy improvement like they can a tangible product.
| This course will change your understanding of language and use of English forever and will remember it as the best course you've ever done.
| All materials will be provided along with an online program.

If you truly want to improve and make a difference then please write to me for more details.

Ward Regards,

Russell Murrell