UCETAM: Creative English Language Assistant
UCETAM is looking for a creative, dynamic and experienced Native English Language Assistant with experience teaching English in Spain. The English Language Assistant should be comfortable teaching Primary and Infantil in a classroom environment. Typically, class size is between 25 to 28 students. The position will start the 14th of September 2018. You are required to attend a two-day orientation on the 11th and 12th of September. The English Language Assistant should be passionate about teaching and feel comfortable leading and planning 17 hours of classes per week. UCETAM is looking for a creative individual that is able to design rewarding English classes (for example: debates, games/songs, phonics, conversational classes, arts, long-term projects and short-term projects). Most importantly the English Language Assistant should be able to connect and relate positively with children.

The positions include a monthly scholarship stipend of 900€, free public healthcare and free lunches Monday through Friday. The scholarship position is 18-hours.


The requirements for this position are that you must:

(1) be a NATIVE English Speaker and have a Degree from University

(2) IMPORTANT MUST HAVE EITHER (1) a European passport with a Spanish N.I.E./T.I.E. or (2) Non-Europeans must have the actual Spanish T.I.E./N.I.E. card ONLY through the Program of Auxiliares de Conversacíon de Comunidad de Madrid or the Ministry of Educación en España. Also the TIE/NIE cannot have expired earlier than June 2018 and not yet renewed your TIE/NIE with another program.

(3) proof of no criminal record by obtaining a Certificado de Penales and Certificado de Delitos de Naturaleza Sexual in Spain. Also proof of no criminal record from your native country.

How to Apply:

If you are passionate about teaching English and love positively shaping children by teaching English through creative outlets, please apply. All applicants should send their (a) CV with photo (b) Spanish mobile #, (c) passport photo page and (d) Spanish N.I.E./T.I.E. to julie@colegiosbilinguescooperativos.com  and write UCETAM Creative English Language Assistant Position in the Subject of the Email. If you have proof of no criminal record, please send this also. Please note that you will be expected to be available for phone interviews throughout this week/next week and face-to-face Video Skype interviews. You will be required to have a face-to-face Video Skype Interview this week.