27 years old
Spanish native teacher with qualifications and experience
HI! My name is Nerea, I was born in Spain and I am a Spanish teacher. I offer SPANISH LESSONS in the center of Madrid (calle Fuencarral).

About my EXPERIENCE: I hold a master's degree in Language Teaching, 10 years of experience in private tutoring and 2 years teaching in schools. 

About my TEACHING STYLE: I like delivering my lessons in a challenging, communicative, and engaging way. I always adapt my lessons to my student’s needs, so we can always talk and find what’s best for you. If you need to be more fluent, or revise grammar, or may need help with some exams… I can help you!

About my PRICES: I normally charge 20€/h. I also offer group lessons for 12€/person (which I prefer, especially if you wanna improve your fluency because it is easier to make communicative activities).
If you want to have group lessons but know nobody with the same level as you, I can help you find other students with your level.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. I can speak English so you can contact me in English if you don’t feel brave enough, but if you can already communicate in Spanish, come on DARE! Contact me in nereamarcengomez@gmail.com or 601188978