36 years old
Hello there!

My name is Nuria and I am an experienced Spanish professor from Madrid. I received my teaching qualifications at Barcelona University and I work with many different types of students. I have 10 years of lecturing experience and I work with people from all over the world. I enjoy helping people to improve their Spanish skills, increasing fluency, perfecting pronunciation, learning colloquial terms, and gaining confidence in speaking. I also have students with specific needs such as business Spanish or exam preparation.

My goal is to increase peoples speaking ability and help them improve their daily lives. I am very patient and supportive with my students. I always make classes fun and I teach the actual used and spoken Spanish. I also have a degree in Biology and able to tutor or teach on the subject.

Please contact me by email, explaining your Spanish level and reasons for studying, this way I can make personalized lesson plans. Also, tell me your availability. I am able to meet anywhere in the center, at your work place, or lessons through Skype. I work one to one and also group classes.


Luis - 01 sep 2017
Excelente profesora. Trata muy bien al alumno. Ha impartido clase de español para mi sobrina pequeña que no sabía mucho español y en 2 meses se ha notado una mejoría muy considerable y ha tenido un gran progreso en el idioma.