Seriously...it's been weeks that I've been looking for a flat in Madrid and haven't found a thing. Every day I wake up thinking that it will be the day I finally find a flat, and then I got to sleep disappointed. 

I've seen dozens of flats and offered to pay the fianza on the spot, but NO, they insist on just taking my name and number and calling me a week later to let me know that they've selected one of the other 57 people that want to live there. The last flat I went to see that girl I was waiting with was a doctor. Spoiler alert--- they chose the doctor. 

I'm on all the websites...idealista, milanuncios, fotocasa, and the one that used to be segundamano. And I'm still homeless. I've even expanded my search to consider living in Vallecas...fucking vallecas! And haven't gotten a call back! The guy stopped responding mid-whatsapp conversation! And hasn't answered or returned my phone calls! Did someone else rent the flat? Did he decide he didn't want to rent it to me for some reason? Was his phone stolen (it is Vallecas)?

I have three more appointments to see apartments tomorrow and I have zero faith that any will result in a living situation. I'm just a normal person looking for a flat, at this point anywhere remotely close to a metro stop that costs 550 euros a month or less. Doesn't have an oven? Who cares! No table or desk? I'll go to a Starbucks if I need a table! No bed? I'll sleep in the bathtub- I'm not fancy! Is it infested with locusts? That would be my only deal-breaker at this point.