Job Offer for Legal English Teachers
Job Description

Break Into English is looking for an experienced legal English teacher to teach 45 or 60-minute Skype lessons to adults as of May 2017.
Candidates will go through a training period that consists in understanding the method and getting accustomed to using the BIE Manual fluidly and effectively. Training will last a total of about 1.5 to 2 hours (including one or two mock lessons our teacher trainers). Training is not paid and will all take place online via Skype and email.
If selected, teachers will be paid 16.50 euros an hour (per full 60 minutes).


Candidates must:
Be native speakers with an English, American, or neutral accent.
Be computer friendly and have a good Internet connection.
Have some experience in a legal environment (professional or academic).
Be able to work in a calm environment where the student has no problem hearing you.
Have a bank account outside of Spain and an official billing address in the same country as the account.

Further requirements

As soon as possible, candidates should answer the following question in 100 words:
What are the key points of the Break Into English teaching method?

Mock Lessons

After this first step of our application process, the remaining candidates will be asked to prepare one or two 40-minute mock lessons based on the company’s material and following our Teacher Guidelines.

Thank you for your time and good luck during the application process!

The Break Into English Team