34 years old
I am an energetic, patient and funny teacher who will make sure you reach your goals and feel confident. I am not your average teacher, I promise— I’m a real person, just like you. 

I am CELTA certified, and I have been teaching conversational English, English for work / business and exam preparation for more than 3 years, both in-person and online. 

1. Conversational English: Let's chat! We will boost your confidence, identify areas of opportunity, correct spoken areas errors and repeat mistakes, role-playing and acting out real life situations. You'll be ready to travel or study abroad, make friends, complain, make jokes or impress your date in no time. I can help with speaking clearly, naturally, confidently and lose that accent.

2.Business English:  As a business professional, I can help you improve your presentation writing and giving skills, enhance resumes and CVs, email correspondence, translations for websites and apps, work and communicate with international colleagues and stakeholders and clients.
I have helped many business clients enhance their English for job interviews with specific mock interviews with feedback and corrections. Some of my clients work in design, UX/UI, operations, project and program management, and remotely. Let's build confidence so you're ready for the difficult questions ahead of time.

3. Travel or study-abroad: Travelling or studying abroad in any English speaking country?Need to know how to buy groceries or chat someone up at the bar after a long day of studying in English? 

4. Exam Prep: I have tutored over 200 students in preparation for TOEFL, FCE, CAE, and CPE—all subjects: speaking, writing, listening, use of English / Grammar. We will learn tips and tricks to beat each exercise and you will get feedback on how to correct mistakes. 
-in person / Zoom