Professor de Inglés. English Teacher - 8 years experience

My name is Benjamin.

Hablo español perfectamente pero es mejor para todos que el anuncio sea en Ingles! :)

I am from England but have been living in Barcelona for the last 8 years. I am an English teacher and writer and I am here to help you improve your English.

I have 8 years teaching experience to all levels, ages, and types of class. I have prepared students for FCE and CAE exams and also given classes to businesses and companies. I have a CELTA (teaching certificate), an MA in English Literature, and a degree in History.

I am a young, open minded, and dynamic teacher who likes to use a variety of materials with my students. I use video, literature, articles, and have also gone on "trips" with my students, for example to museums and exhibitions or simply just walking around the city.

My interests include: Cinema, Literature, Art, Currents affairs, Sport (Basketball and others.) We can speak about these topics in class but also any other topic that you like!

The classes will be designed to help you improve.

I do not focus heavily on grammar. I focus on SPEAKING in English. I will also help you with your confidence. You will never be embarrassed again to speak in English!

I hope that we can speak soon to arrange an introduction class (free.)

Thanks, Ben