Teach Vietnamese and legal consultancy
Come to me if you need to learn Vietnamese and find a job, a partner or a new life in Vietnam. Vietnam is a new star in Asia, and we are attracting a lot of foreign investors, experts, and workers.
Come to me as I can also help you communicate with your Vietnamese family and friends abroad. Nowadays we have more than 10 millions Vietnamese living abroad, so the community is developing very fast.
Vietnamese teacher and consultant
Hi everybody, I have been living in Barcelona for 5 years. I speak Spanish, English, Vietnamese, a little Portuguese and Chinese. I have 5-year experience of teaching Vietnamese language to foreigners. However, I think language is not enough. If you would like to travel to Vietnam, study or work in Vietnam, look for and communicate with a Vietnamese partner, you need to know the Vietnamese culture. Additionally, I was working as a lawyer in Vietnam, so I can advise you on how to start a business in Vietnam, get married, obtain tourist visa and working residency permit. We can talk with each other anything about Vietnam in my online classes. I accompany you from knowing nothing about Vietnam until you can negotiate the price with the Vietnamese people:) 
I look forward to seeing you in my classes!