When was the last time your kids had fun learning English?
“Every Child is an Artist” ~ Pablo Picasso

I take an advantage of that inborn quality and use the art to teach my young students the English language. I encourage creativity, a love of English learning and fun! 

There are times when kids become so involved in the fun art project that they do not even know they are learning English at the same time. They create a connection and, suddenly, they understand a topic as if by magic.

I use ART as a vehicle to teach ENGLISH to my young students and have FUN in the process, simply because: 

* Art is fun!  
* To learn English, you need to have fun doing it!
* Learning English is much more fun if we use our imagination!;

Art-based activities teach the children essential language skills in a fresh new way, forming the base they can fall back on when in a real-life English situation years down the road. By teaching children in a fun way, I establish an important link between enjoyment and learning. 

My classes are designed for children aged 3 to 8 years in small groups with a maximum of 5 children per class.

What will your kids achieve with my classes?
•	Introducing English in a simple natural way;
•	Stimulating their creativity by developing artistic activities in English environment;
•	Total immersion in English language;
•	Having a great time without stopping learning English at any time;
•	Developing confidence & self-esteem;
•	Instilling values such as respect, patience & self-control.

•  Where?
Sant Cugat del Valles

•  When? 
Monday to Friday 
17:00 h - 18:15 h
18:30 h - 19:45 h

•  How much? 
 €15 per class / per child

Is your child fascinated by art? Unleash the artist in them & let them learn English at the same time.