Group Leader in Cork
We are looking for a Group Leader in Cork to travel with 23 kids and 3 more teachers.
•	Take care of the kids at all time Monday to Sunday.
•	The Group leader will have free time while kids are at school. If an emergency comes up, the group leader will attend it.
•	Teach English lessons to one adult during the morning (1h) and to reduced groups of kids in the afternoon (2h) from Monday to Thursday.
•	It will be required to take pictures and write a daily report that must be sent to home to home daily. 
•	Make sure that the kids complete the “Residence Project” during the programme and give it back to the students once is marked.
•	Wear the uniform when in front of the kids.
•	Speak in English with the kids at all time.
•	1036€ net for the whole project
•	Food, accommodation, flights and phone provided.
•	Teaching background and experience working with kids. 
•	Spanish Social security number
•	Certificado de Delitos Sexuales (CBR in Spain).