47 years old
Cambridge Exams : First Cert & CAE & PCE
I am a native English speaker, Irish born, European. I have lived in several countries and speak a few languages including Spanish and Catalan. I studied Music and languages at Trinity College Dublin and Oxford university. I am in my 40s.  I have lived 18 years in Barcelona. I teach English and classical music, I specialise in exam preparation for FCE,CAE & PCE Cambridge suite exams. I am though primarly a writer and am currently listed by the Quora website (global ranking 90th most visited site) as a top writer. I host specialised walking tours of Barcelona dealing with medieval jewish history and the progress of social movements. I have a young baby and so am constantly looking for students! but do not have as much time as before to engage with all opportunities. I mention all this because if you wish to maintain a high level of English then you are looking for a teacher and interlocutor who can speak with you on as wide a range of topics as possible. I propose being your conversation teacher/mentor for a while. I live in the Born, 08003... I use whatsapp : 0034 692 650 348. my profile / biog is available on the Quora (question or answer website) https://www.quora.com/profile/Iosaf-Mac-Diarmada the prices of classes/sessions are something we could negotiate. I look forward to hearing from you perhaps.