25 years old
TEFL Certified Native English Teacher
My name is Aislynn, I am from the United States (Los Angeles, California).
I offer classes to students of all ages (3+ usually).  I have some course books that we could follow, or I can tailor the class to your needs with personally-made material.  I usually use a mix of bookwork and personal material to best suit my students.  I also offer fun conversational classes to improve your fluency and use of phrases, phrasal verbs, and idioms.
I offer classes either in your home, a cafe, or a park.

My classes for summer are 13/hr, with a discount if you do more than 1 hour per week. There can also be discounts if you do classes with friends (2-10 people).

If you are interested, please contact me via WhatsApp: +16268338666