Teach English in a School in Sant Cugat
Are you a student or recent graduate looking for valuable professional experience in Spain? We are looking for a recent graduate to become a language assistant in a school in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Spain. Apply by May 17th!

You will enrol a structured programme and cooperate in one of our schools in Sant Cugat del Vallés. Moreover, you will add international experience and transferable skills to your CV while discovering a new culture and language and receiving a monthly grant (€880) which is more than enough for living in Spain as a student.  

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So what does Meddeas offer you?

• Join a Spanish school to cooperate as language assistants with 20 teaching hours per week, with the same holidays as the school. 
• Receive a certified course given by a Spanish University.
• Have health insurance covered by the program (EU citizens).
• Get a monthly allowance, more than enough for living in Spain as a student. 880 euros/month.
• Have support from the school’s designated Tutor and from Meddeas, helping the language assistant in his/her task.
• Tasks: deliver conversational English lessons during the requested weekly hours; encourage oral practice in English ; explain the culture of your own country; help in other subjects such as science, art, music, drama or sport; act as a role model for correct pronunciation and grammar; and collaborate with teaching staff in creating teaching materials and planning lessons

Qualifications-Desirable candidate profile: 
• Native-level English speakers.
• Recent graduates (last four years).
• Someone who enjoys working with children and / or young people. 
• Energetic and imaginative. 
• With no criminal records. 
• Competence in the Spanish language is recommended, but not necessary. 

Doubts? Interested? Please, send an email to hello@meddeas.es
Meddeas is a Spanish organization with presence in five countries that supports multilingual teaching in more than 200 educational centres. It offers language assistant programs and provides consultancy services. Recent graduates from all the main universities in Ireland have already joined our programmes.