27 years old
English 1-1 conversation classes
Hi! I’m Melissa, I’m 27 and from Scotland (with a very easy-to-understand, standard English accent!) 

I’m CELTA-certified, with an English Language degree from the University of Glasgow, and I am currently teaching for my second year. I have experience teaching children (10+) and adults, and I also have 4 years business and media (newspaper and online) experience. 

I’m offering 1-1 (or 1-2) conversation lessons, concentrating on fluency, with correction of errors, but little to no grammar (unless you ask!). I would be more than happy to tailor the topic of the classes to your interests. 

Writing is one of my passions so, as well as conversation, I could help you with your academic or creative writing!

I’m based in the Sant Gervasi area, and I work in Esplugues in the afternoon/evenings, Monday to Thursday. I’m available Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and all day Friday and Saturday. 

Cost is €20 per hour for one person, €25 per hour for two, but can be flexible if you’re near to my work or home! 

email me at melissa.joy@hotmail.co.uk or whatsapp +447940228948 (Still have a British number ‘cause it’s free to call home!)

I hope to hear from you soon!