We are currently looking for Business English teachers for the following classes. 

Offer 1
 - Metro: Nuevos Ministerios
- Timetable: Tuesdays 14.00-15-00
- Rate: 15 € / hour net contract or 20 € gross / hour autonomo
- Start date: 18th of September
- OTO level B1
- Topic: Business English 

Offer 2 
 Metro: Avenida de America
Tiemtable: Wednesdays 14.00-15-00
Rate: 15€/h net contract or 20€/h autonomo
Start date: 19th of September
Groups: 1 group (Level B2+/C1)
Topic: General English having really interesting and dynamic conversations to make students participate while teacher gives feedback about expressions

Offer 3  
 Address: Carretera de la Coruña km 17,800  28231 Las Rozas.
Timetable: TBC
Rate: 17€/h contract or 22€/h autonomo
Start date: asap
Groups: 2 groups
Topic: Business English 

Offer 4
 - Metro Alfonso XIII
- Timetable: Mondays and Wednesdays 8.30-9.30
- Rate / Tarifa: 17€/h contrato o 22€/h autónomo 
- Start date / Fecha de inicio: asap
- Groups& Students: OTO 

Offer 5
 Metro: Plaza Marqués de Salamanca / Lista
Address: Plaza Marqués de Salamanca, 9
Timetable: M/T/W/T from 18.45-19.45
Rate: 15 contract /20 autonomo
Start date: Monday, 1st of October
Groups: 2 groups / level B2/C1
Topic: Business English, mostly conversation 

Offer 6
 - Address: Metro Feria de Madrid
- Timetable: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 17:30 - 19:00
- Rate: 15 euros per hour contract/20 euros per hour autonoma
- Start date: TBC
- Groups: 2 groups
- Topic: Business English 

Offer 7
Address: Parque Empresarial Omega, Avda. de Barajas, 32, 28109 Alcobendas, Madrid
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/1CKGjgCqg3U2 
Timetable: Mondays 18.00-19.00
Start date: 1st of October
Rate: 18€/h contrato o 23€/h autónomo 
Type of class: OTO

Offer 8 
- Metro: Sevilla 
- Timetable: M/T/W/T from 08.00-09.00 
- Rate: 16 euros per hour contract or 21 euros per hour autonomo 
- Start date: OCT 
- Groups: 2 groups
- Topic: Business English

Please send us your CV and your phone number via email to rrhh@kleinson.es mentioning the offer that you are interested in.

Thank you.

The Kleinson team