ONLINE ENGLISH TEACHER at San Sebastian de los Reyes

JOB OFFER: Part-time Online Call Center English Teacher in San Sebastián de los Reyes

Monday (12noon-3pm), Tuesday (12noon-3pm) Thursday (12noon-3pm) and Friday (12noon-3pm) with one of the weekend days obligatory to work (11am-3pm)

Days off: Wednesday and one of the weekend days

Work your 5 shifts here in our call centre in San Sebastian de los Reyes
€700 net per month, 12 month contract. 
22 days paid leave per year (+1 per year)

Quarterly Bonus: Up to €500 paid quarterly based on timekeeping and student feedback throughout your quarter.

Extra hours available on your days off as the contract with our client offers lessons seven days a week, with the possibility to teach any extra hours on top of your contract will be permitted to be taught from home pending an internet speed and quality test. 
All contracted hours are to be taught from the call centre.

We are hiring 20 -25 teachers and if you are hired and can recommend a teacher who is hired, you will receive a €25 recruitment bonus.

Possibility for extra classes
Aside from our call center, we also have an academy with around 25 students. Teachers who express an interest in more hours may be able to teach extra classes at the academy, when the new season starts in September.

Opportunity for career progression
Whilst only being 9 months old, we have grown at a rapid pace and are able to offer the right teachers career progression to both teacher and administrative roles such as team leaders and center manager positions as and when they open up.

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