31 years old
Spanish privates in Lavapies or Skype!
Hi! still have people speaking to you in English everytime you attemt to order sth? WELL COME ON DOWN!

Hii, Hola! How are you? 
My name is Sole,I live in Antón Martín (very close to sol and lavapies), I am a Spanish teacher very talkative and easy going. I give conversation classes specially. Some Part of grammar / some excercise of listening ( I have cds and audios depending on what level you are) and some excercises focused on the writing.

The thing is that I already have some regular students but I am willing to teach anyone new who wants to improve the language if I have time. 

PS: the price its 15 euros/ hour 

If you are interested in Skype lessons just send me a whatsapp bc I have a discount (:

I also do intensive courses 2 hours everday from Monday-Friday and the price is 80 euros per week. 

Just shoot me a message in case you are interested !

keep enjoying Madrid!