Class with two kids, metro Alfonso XIII - Centre.
Hello everyone! 

I have a class here until June (4 clases) clases and then hopefully for September. There are two kids, you'll be one hour with Jaime, he's 11 and 30min with Rocio, who's 8.

1 hour with the 11 year old and 30min with the 8 year old. 

Classes will be all about improving their English - reading, writing, listening, speaking - fun classes that get them involved. 

It's 1.5 hours Tuesday 22, and 29 : 1830-2000

The class is 19.5per hour bruto - 28.50eu per class! 

It's Calle Luis de Salazar 9, by metro Alfonso XIII, great buses too - check them out. 

Please help your fellow teachers out if you think they can take it. 

EU passport holders and Autonomos preferred.