26 years old
Practical English Classes (In your home)
Have you studied English for years, passed the exams, your grammar is good, your reading's good, but sometimes still struggle following everyday conversations? 
Sometimes you can study English for many years but when it comes to an environment in which your involved in making conversation, you can struggle to follow what people are saying or maybe not have the confidence to express what your trying to say.

That is where I can come in and help you. 
I am a British Native originally from a small town between Manchester and Birmingham, tailored to teaching Practical/Conversational English for the past year in Madrid I focus more on improving your knowledge and confidence in this field, helping you become more accustomed to the side of English that is sometimes glazed over in the book, and with a very relaxed environment as I travel to student's homes also!

I also plan and create my own additional materials for each student so we can focus on a specific area, from expressions and office slang within meetings, to being accustomed with what to expect Language wise studying in an English speaking Country.

Available afternoons/evenings.