Hi there and welcome to Madrid :) My name is Clara and I'm passionate about languages. I study Arabic myself and I know the difference between what's written in the book and what's actually spoken in real life ;)) 
If you're here for a while and would like to finally be fluent in Spanish and practice your conversational skills to hit the ground both at work or with friends, give me a shout! 
We will speak in Spanish from minute 1 and we will move at the speed you feel most comfortable with. If you live around my neighbourhood (Madrid Rio) I can come to your place, offer mine, or alternatively meet in a really nice co-working space in Atocha or somewhere else nearby you know of. Would you like to try? Classes are 20EUR per hour with discounts if you book 5 or 10 classes in advance. Send me a quick email and we'll find a time asap!
Feel free to check me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarapinillos/