33 years old
Online Spanish: native, qualified and experienced
Hi, there!
My name is Erica. I am a qualified Spanish teacher and I can't wait to meet you!
I've been teaching Spanish since 2006 and have loved helping my students to improve their language skills, loose their fear to speak and pass the DELE exams.

I went to UAB and earned a degree in Journalism in 2007. Then I went to UB and earned a degree in Linguistics in 2009.
I eventually went to UAH and earned a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish (ELE) in 2012.

I'm an open, patient and professional person and my teaching style is communicative, fun and eclectic.

P.S 1 Watch my video presentation on Youtube to know me a bit more: 

PS 2 Contact me right now by email at sippingspanish@gmail.com for further information.

Please let me know your current level of Spanish, availability, goals and hours/week you are willing to do.
Stay Strong,