Spanish language course
Spanish language course:
I want to offer a Spanish language course for those of you who still feel like haven't made much progress with Spanish and feel like you need to improve your fluency in the language before leaving for the holidays (you have to show how much you have learnt in Madrid!)
I offer a Spanish course, 2h week Tuesday/Thursday for 96€ a month. Groups are no more than 4 people per group. We place our focus on improving the fluency, revising basic grammar concepts and improving our vocabulary and speaking skills. Lessons are always adapted to the very specific needs of each group.

A1/A2 group: Tuesday - Thursday 10 - 11
B1/B2 group: Tuesday- Thursday 11- 12
C1/C2 group: Tuesday - Thursday 12- 13

Location: calle duque de alba. nearest metro: Tirso de molina, Sol, or la Latina.

About the teacher: I am a fully qualified language teacher. I work both as a Spanish and English teacher, with 9 years of experience teaching languages, a bacherlor's and master's degree in teaching by the universities of Zaragoza, Wroclaw and Complutense de Madrid. My passion is teaching (and learning) different languages. 

Feel free to contact me for further information. Nos vemos pronto!