In near new condition. No Fixed Price! I'll Consider Any Reasonable Offer! 1 x Understanding and Using English Grammar by Betty Azar 4th Edition Complete with 2 x Audio CD's ISBN 10:0-13-233331-7 THIS ONES A CLASSIC! 1 x Oxford English File Pre-Intermediate Students Book 3rd Edition With Pocket Book for Speakers of Spanish + iTutor DVD ISBN 978-0-19-459845-3 1 x Oxford English File Pre-Intermediate Workbook 3rd Edition Complete with Key with CD-ROM iChecker ISBN 978-0-19-459873-6 2 x Oxford English File Pre-Intermediate Entry Checker ISBN 978-0-19-4599-19-1 + ISBN 978-0-19-450139-2 1 x Ready for Advanced Students coursebook with key 3rd Edition by Macmillan Exams - CAE Exam C1 ISBN 9780230463677 1 x Ready for Advanced teachers book 3rd edition by Macmillan Exams with DVD-ROM and class audio CD's - CAE Exam C1 ISBN 978-0-230-46371-4 1 x Ready for Advanced workbook with key 3rd edition by Macmillan Exams with audio CD's - CAE Exam C1 ISBN 9780230463608 All these books are used but in excellent condition. No annotations, creased pages or covers (All paperback). I've created a short website to let you know more about these. (http://2ndhandtextsingles.weebly.com/) If you already know which one(s) you want email me at robert_loughran@yahoo.com (+34 603313782) and tell me how much you're prepared to pay. If I think it's a good enough offer I'll send you my PAYPAL email so you can send me the payment (includes postage). As soon as I recieve it I'll send you the books (from San Sebastian in Spain).


Want to improve your Spanish but don’t have time to take lessons at the moment? Do you take Spanish lessons but want to practice more in your free time? Do you want to prepare for the DELE exam? I have developed a new method to help learners to improve their Spanish from home, which is especially convenient if you don't have time to attend classes but want to practice the language more. With this method you will receive Spanish exercises on a regular basis tailored to both your learning preferences and your goals. Once you complete them, I will correct them, writing annotations on each page so that you properly understand your errors and learn how to avoid making them in the future. What do the exercises consist of? Every exercise is designed specifically with your current Spanish level and your requirements in mind. While each worksheet will vary from student to student, generally the following will be included: • A comprehension task, featuring a text and questions relating to that text. • Vocabulary exercises • Grammar exercises • An essay question * Students that want to prepare for official exams, such as the DELE, will receive exercises that are designed to aid the acquisition and development of the skills necessary to complete these exams successfully. What will I do once I receive your completed exercises? After receiving the completed worksheet, I will correct any errors you have made and annotate the document, providing useful recommendations about vocabulary, connectors, verb tenses and more, which you could have used to complete the exercises. * You will receive the corrected document within 2 working days. How many exercises do you want to do per week? Bearing in mind that the worksheets will take you approximately one hour to complete (depending on your level of Spanish), you can choose whether you want to complete one or two of my worksheets per week. Price Level 1: You will receive custom designed exercises once per week. - Beginner Level (A1-A2) = 8 euros. - Intermediate Level (B1-B2) = 10 euros. - Advanced Level (C1-C2) = 12 euros. Level 2: You will receive custom designed exercises two times per week. - Beginner Level (A1-A2) = 12 euros (6 euros for each one). - Intermediate Level (B1-B2) = 16 euros (8 euros for each one). - Advanced Level (C1-C2) = 20 euros (10 euros for each one).