Native Skype English teachers needed
Break Into English is looking for native English teachers to teach live webcam classes via Skype.

We have our own method that we require all of our teachers to use when teaching. To get a good idea of how we teach and what we're all about, please visit our website: www.breakintoenglish.com 

What We Offer

- 14 euros/hour (60 minutes) starting salary (classes with students last 45 minutes, so for 2 classes that would be 21 euros).

- the possibility of working your schedule up to practically full time with us (we work on a merit and availability basis: those with the happiest students and the open slots, get the new students first) 

- the comfort of not having to commute to classes and spending time/money on transport

- eventually become a teacher trainer if you were interested


- to be very comfortable using Skype and all its funcionalities (sending files, text chat, sharing screen, recording conversations, etc...) simultaneously with Podcasts, Texts (word, pdf, other),internet, ...  

- to have a very reliable internet connection and be able to use a cable connection (ethernet) rather than WIFI

- to have a smooth running computer with a webcam and the latest version of skype

- to have a bank account outside of Spain and an official billing address in the same country as the account

- to go through a training period that mainly consists in understanding the method and the manual, get accustomed to using them in unison fluidly and effectively and then practicing with mock students that participate in our program. These recorded practice sessions will enable the trainer to help you improve and be ready to start in a confident manner with your first real students.
You should count total training period to last about 14-17 hours (5-6 hours of mock classes, 7-8 hours of personal study and practice and 2-3 hours of feedback and improvement sessions with one of our teacher trainers). Training is not paid and will all take place online via Skype and email.

- being enthusiastic about embracing a dynamic teaching method, prepare for each class thoroughly, commit to be extremely punctual and diligent to meet our student's expectations

If you're interested and meet all the requirements please send us your CV and cover letter to breakintoenglishcontact@gmail.com