Teach English and German in a School in Girona (Cataluña)
Teach English and German in a school in Spain: new opening in Girona! No matter what your background and level of Spanish are, you can apply. Receive a monthly grant (€1,064 per month), certified teaching related training, valuable experience in a school, and the opportunity to explore a country. APPLY BY JUNE 20th!

Interested candidates must be recent graduates and native level English speakers with advanced German skills (C1 or C2).

Selected candidate will:
•	Join a Spanish school to cooperate as an English and German language assistant with 22 teaching hours per week, starting in September 12th 2018 until June 11th 2019, with the same holidays as the school.

•	Get initial training and teacher workshops.
•	Receive foreign languages-teaching related certified course, given by a Spanish university (paid by the programme).
•	Receive a monthly grant: 1,064€ per month.
•	Get help with the process and opening a bank account.
•	Have ongoing in-country support from the school’s designated Tutor and from Meddeas.
•	Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the programme.
•	Enjoy paid school holidays (except for summer period).
•	School is located in Gerona.
•	Teach Secondary school students (aged 12 – 16).
•	Full cover to the National Health insurance. 

To be eligible, you must:
•	Be a native-level English speaker
•	Have advanced German skills (C1).
•	Qualifications: any degree (obtained after 2014).
•	Spanish language is not required/needed.
•	Enjoy working with children and/or young people.
•	Be energetic and imaginative.
•	Have no prior criminal convictions.

Meddeas (Multilingual Education Development and Support) is a Spanish organization with presence in five countries that supports multilingual teaching in educational centres. It provides consultancy services, selects native teachers, delivers teachers´ refresher courses, promotes school to school international exchanges and manages language assistant programs.