Interested in creating content for new English courses?
Hey All!

Our idea is to create new and original English courses for Specific Purposes in order to enhance and boost our learners' experience. These courses will not only tackle language aspects but also personal and profesional skills. 

How will we organize this project? 
A project coordinator will set the guidelines. We're interested in developing material for levels CEFR A1-C2. Eventually, we intend to narrow down the material to a single level, either B1 or B2. Depending on the results, the next levels can be created as well later on.

Rates, timetables? 
This will be confirmed once we have the final selection of contributors and courses planned. However, it will depend on work load, deadlines, materials to be created, etc. We are pretty flexible (opportunity to work from home, the office, etc.)

Is there any room for new ideas, support and changes? 
Yes, of course! That is the Kleinson way. So please, let us hear your feedback, crazy ideas, dreams and nightmares. 

Would you like to collaborate with us?

We can't wait to meet new teachers, collaborators, parterns, writers, content creators ... to make these courses become a reality.  

You are all welcome to contribute!

- Experienced Language Teachers 
- Content creators, Writers
- Life Coaches, Psychologists, etc.
- Clowns, Actors, Musicians
- Passionate readers, Linguistics, Philosophers, Philologists, etc.
- Syllabus experts

So what are you waiting for? 
Show us your profile and expertise, what your contribution may be, what sort of courses you are interested in creating, what your ideas are, how we can change and make the learning language experience much effective and dynamic especially in companies

Email:  beourcontentcreator@kleinson.es (this is our preference)
Whatsapp: +34691667113
Phone: +34911400570
Smoke signals: Soon

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.