31 years old
Maestro de Ingles Nativo de Estados Unidos a tus ordenes
my name is Manny. 

I am Native English Teacher with a lot of experience, my goal as a teacher is to create a positive environment that facilitates the learning of all students, and to learn English in a fun and less hostile way. In my previous post, I made it possible for my students to improve their English in less time than with my other colleagues, thanks to my efforts to optimize my students' learning, and my first language is English. 

My day-to-day experience has enriched my repertoire of skills, including excellence in communication and a great capacity for motivation. I would highlight my skills in the following areas:

* Listening comprehension is key, and can be considered the basis of the others. The greater the student's listening ability, the greater will be his ability to develop the other skills. 

* Reading, on the other hand, will provide a "mental structure" and give richness to vocabulary, which will benefit speech. 

* Writing will emphasize the message and its presentation. It requires a more relaxed, more elaborate communication, in which the student has time to elaborate the message. 

* Speaking is the main objective of the student. The speech will feed especially of all the resources that we can equip the student: the more you read and listen, the greater your progress. 

I also offer preparation for official exams such as: 
* CAE 
* CPE 
* EOI 

My classes are customized and I adjust myself to the student's schedule, I guarantee a remarkable improvement in the fluency and perfection of the language. 

Contact me for more information.
It offers private lessons to
Elementary students, ESO, baccalaureate, university students, adults Companies
my rate is only 17 € / h The first class for free!