Marketers, Promoters and Sales Representatives
English Speaking Marketers, Promoters and Sales Representatives 

Would you like to start working for a marketing and lifestyle startup company in Barcelona? We currently have job openings for English speaking marketers, promoters and sales representatives.

We are working on an exciting new product and are looking for people to help drive growth through sales. We are looking for individuals who are natural communicators and influencers. 
The following personality type and skills would best suit this role; 
•	extroverted and pro-active,
•	dynamic and outgoing 
•	persuasive and tenacious
•	good self- motivator 
•	have a positive personality
•	highly competitive
•	excellent communication skills

If you think you are a good fit, contact us at tmrjobsbcn@gmail.com  with a brief description about yourself and any relevant experience with your photo.
Experience is not necessary, confidence is a must. 
Also being ambitious and having an entrepreneurial mindset is a benefit. Having an active social media presence is a plus.