I am a teacher of English with a university degree in English Language and Literature, a Cambridge CELTA Certificate and a smile :) I am a non-native speaker but I have studied and lived in an English-speaking country and have a native-like accent.

I have worked with children/teenagers and adults and I enjoy teaching both in schools, companies and in more informal environments (at home, in libraries, cafès etc).

My strongest belief is that language is about communication and so teaching it (and learning it) should be done in an approachable way.

During the summer, I can meet up for conversational classes, so that you can practise your English. We could drink a coffee or meet in a garden in the city and talk in English. While the talks are usually quite informal, I can observe your errors or you can ask me for anything you need help with. In the end, you end up learning a lot just by having a simple conversation.

If you are interested in having a class, please send me an e-mail or a WhatsApp message (+30 69 89 081 993). I charge 8 euros/hour for a conversational class - so that I can also pay for my coffee :)

Hola! Soy profesora de inglès con licenciatura en la filologia inglesa, un diploma CELTA y una sonrisa :) No soy nativa, pero he estudiado e vivido en un paìs anglohablante, asi que tengo un acento casi-nativo. Durante el verano ofrezco clases de inglés conversación . Si quieres hacer una clase o preguntarme algo, puedes escribir un mail o un mensaje WhatsApp (+30 69 89 081 993).